Travis Bagwell, author of the Awaken Online series:

Celestian has worked on several of my books so far, and I have been very happy with the results. He has caught numerous continuity errors between books, in addition to the usual typos. Good communication, prompt responses, and a professional demeanor make him easy to work with. I’d definitely recommend hiring him for your book. 

Rick Gualtieri, author of the Tome of Bill series:

Celestian has exceeded all of my expectations for a proofreader, not only polishing my manuscripts until they shine but offering up suggestions above and beyond the call of duty so that I’m truly putting out the very best stories I can.

Carrie Summers, author of the Stonehaven League series:

As an editor, Celestian has the rare quality of being both meticulous and fast, turning around error-free manuscripts in just days. Readers notice, praising the quality of edits in their reviews. Moreover, his attention to detail in story continuity has caught subtle errors that someone focused only on the prose mechanics would miss. I’d highly recommend his services!

Nathan Thompson, author of the Challenger’s Call series:

Having Celestian proof my book was the author’s version of having someone you really trust go over your taxes for you, except that it was for a book, and Celestian made me feel even more relieved. Excellent job in cleaning up all my errors and helping my story flow better.

A.J. Markam, author of the Succubus series:

I’ve worked with Celestian on two of my books so far, and plan to work with him on many more in the future. Besides being great at catching mistakes, he is fast, friendly, super punctual, very affordable, and he keeps in constant communication while he’s proofing your work. He also goes above and beyond the call of duty by catching logic and timeline mistakes in the manuscript – he saved me from a couple of real doozies on the first book of mine he proofread. Highly, highly recommended.

Matthew Siege, author of the Headshot series: 

Celestian is a professional. Yes, he’s both fast and thorough, but the most important thing about his edit was how engaged in the manuscript he was. He’s routinely picked up small inconsistencies from throwaway lines separated by many chapters. He’s logical enough to ask the right questions in the comments he sends back and creatively understanding enough to adapt to a new “voice” without trying to meddle.

Essentially, he does exactly what I need him to do –  fix the errors, highlight any areas that don’t make sense and comment on turns of phrase or ideas that might be unclear. The manuscripts I’ve given him had been edited previously and were still full of errors. Once he was finished with them, I knew they were done right. I won’t be seeking another editor if I can help it.