This is a non-exhaustive selection of books I have worked on:

Awaken Online: Hellion, by Travis Bagwell:

Awaken Online: Unity, by Travis Bagwell:


Awaken Online: Ember, by Travis Bagwell:


Awaken Online: Flame, by Travis Bagwell:

Awaken Online: Inferno, by Travis Bagwell:

Pilgrim, by Harmon Cooper:


Pilgrim 2, by Harmon Cooper:

Pilgrim 3, by Harmon Cooper:

A Thousand Drunken Monkeys: Book 2 in the Hero of Thera series, by Eric Nylund:


Siege Tactics (Spells, Swords, & Stealth Book 4), by Drew Hayes:

Noble Roots (Spells, Swords, & Stealth book 5), by Drew Hayes:

Master Class: A Slice of Life Harem LitRPG, by Annabelle Hawthorne and Virgil Knightley:


The Nexus Games, by Shami Stovall:


The Nexus Knight, by Shami Stovall:

Fortress of Shadows, by Carrie Summers:


Cavern of Spirits, by Carrie Summers:


Citadel of Smoke, by Carrie Summers:


Vault of the Magi, by Carrie Summers:

Throne of the Ancients, by Carrie Summers:

Tales of a Northblood: Winter’s Breath, by Carrie Summers

Shard Wraith, by Rick Scott:


Gun Blade, by Rick Scott:

Sundered Soul, by Rick Scott:

Brace for the Wolves, by Nathan A. Thompson:

Woad Children, by Nathan A. Thompson:

Devil Hunters, by Rick Gualtieri: 

Get Bent! (The Hybrid of High Moon Book 1), by Rick Gualtieri:

Shardless (Tempris Book 1), by Stephanie Fisher:

Acolyte (Tempris book 2), by Stephanie Fisher:

Succubus 4 (Gnome Place Like Home), by A.J. Markam:

Succubus 5 (Hardcore Dungeon Core), by A.J. Markam:

Ex-Superheroes, by A.J. Markam:

The entire Dark Impulse series, by Edmund Hughes:


Save Point: Upload, by Matthew Siege:

Save Point: Reload, by Matthew Siege

Irrelevant Jack, by Prax Venter:

Irrelevant Jack 2, by Prax Venter

Irrelevant Jack 3, by Prax Venter:

Dungeon World, by Jonathan Brooks:

Dungeon World 2, by Jonathan Brooks:

Dungeon World 3, by Jonathan Brooks: